Gipson's Golden, Inc.


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"Over the years we have recommended your honey to our customers around the bay because we absolutely love it! It cures my allergies, and many people I have told about your honey come back and thank me for the recommendation. I tell them to thank you guys and Gipson's, for making the best local honey around! Whatever you're doing is the right way- Keep it up!" - Shane at Leaf Dressing

Your honey travels....

"Perfect sunrise cup of tea, Gipson's in Arizona! ...I now love [you] more due to the spirit and love your company imparts!

With honey love,

Melissa S."

Hi Friends,

"I love all of your honeys, but I must say you have outdone yourselves with the lemon honey! So Good!" - Andrea

"Per [the] photo, we had your wonderful honey and loved it.  Our trip to Napa was so much 'sweeter.'

Thank you,

Brian and Peggy"

"...just tried your Almond Honey Toffee Corn - Wow! Yum! Delicious!... I also wanted to say I LOVE your bee pollen. I use a heaping teaspoon daily - it's my immune support and anti aging secret. I'm 45 and no one ever believes me. When they ask what I do - I tell them YOGA, eat well, manage stress and eat Gipson's Bee Pollen daily." - Sierra

"Thanks for educating me about Buckwheat honey helping my allergies. I'm adjusting to Hollister (CA) weather after living in San Francisco for years and was having a hard time breathing. The honey helped"!! - Becky

"If Gipson's Golden is honey, then what have I been eating all these years?" - Very satisfied customer